Book Four: A Rescued Life

Chef and rising artist, Lucy Williams, has found herself in uncharted circumstances. Lifestyle choices and being at the wrong place at the wrong time has landed her as a suspect in a murder investigation. Her family rallies around her, determined to clear her name, and against her plea, they ask the one person she can't stand to help her.

Detective Trevor Hudson would do anything for the Williams family that he has grown to love as his own - except spend time with the flighty-spitfire youngest sister. He will need to dig deep, keep a professional front and bypass his dislike for Lucy when he agrees to take on her case.

As Trevor and Lucy work together, the case takes many twists and turns and becomes more dangerous than either of them imagined - for their safety and their hearts. Secrets are uncovered and feelings begin to change and deepen as they search for the truth that will hopefully set them both free.

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