Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Every writer should have a friend like this...

Meet my friend, Shannon.
We are both avid readers and love to talk about the books we read.
And she is my go-to girl when it comes to talking about my books.
She is the friend that sits around with me talking about my characters like they are our real friends - while we discuss their struggles, decisions and what makes them likeable.
She is the friend I bounce ideas around with, discuss how to improve scenes, and what works and doesn't work.
She is the friend that reads my manuscripts from the computer and then texts me throughout reading with remarks.
Here are a few from A Rescued Love:
"I am in tears reading the first chapter."
"No way!!! That is Jules' secret?!?"
"I'm trying so hard to connect the dots and I can't!"
"I just gasped out loud when..."
Thanks Shannon for being my sounding board, for cheering me on and for the hours of chatting about our "best friends" that are only real on paper :)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Rescued Love - Book Cover

Just got the final revision of the book cover.
This might be my favorite part of the process. Book cover is huge - many times it will make or break a reader from buying it (at least that is what research says).
I love the winter setting and the sun streaming through the trees!
And of course the cabin - I would totally stay there!
And I practically did as I lived through my characters and the time they spent here!

Back of book cover for A RESCUED LOVE…

A romance starts…
After months of tug and war with their feelings, Derek Brown and Julia Anderson have finally gotten to a point where being together is what they both want and that future seems to be in their grasps and full of excitement.

She witnesses a murder…
Caught in the middle of a situation that leads to death, Julia is the only eye-witness. When strange occurrences begin to happen in the aftermath, Derek takes her to his family’s cabin to keep her safe until they can figure out what is going on with the case that has taken a sudden change of events.

Their newfound love begins to unravel…
As Julia deals with a secret she has revealed, Derek must face his family and their different views on how he should live his life. Will Derek and Julia learn to work together through their trials or will it tear them apart forever?