Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Unstoppable Life

This week I had the great privilege to be interviewed on my very first podcast through The Unstoppable Life with Bart Shaw. This is a great ministry that takes people's stories and uses them to encourage others. Through this I was able to share my story on becoming an author and the passion behind my writing. Click here to listen to the podcast!!

The Unstoppable Life:
This week I have the privilege of chatting with an old friend, Natalie Replogle.  Natalie’s story is one full of determination, persistence, hard work and a fair dose of failure.  Listen in as she shares about the hurdles she faced in her dream to become an author and how failure was actually a good thing.  It’s an inspirational story that is sure to give you the fuel that you need to help you take steps toward making a meaningful change in your life!

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