Book Three: A Rescued Love

A Rescued Love has officially been released!!!
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Happy reading!


A romance starts…
After months of tug and war with their feelings, Derek Brown and Julia Anderson have finally gotten to a point where being together is what they both want and that future seems to be in their grasps and full of excitement.

 She witnesses a murder…
Caught in the middle of a situation that leads to death, Julia is the only eye-witness. When strange occurrences begin to happen in the aftermath, Derek takes her to his family’s cabin to keep her safe until they can figure out what is going on with the case that has taken a sudden change of events.

Their newfound love begins to unravel…
As Julia deals with a secret she has revealed, Derek must face his family and their different views on how he should live his life. Will Derek and Julia learn to work together through their trials or will it tear them apart forever?



  1. When will this story be released?? I've just recently discovered your work and I'm hooked!

    1. Hi Jennifer! I'm so glad to hear that you've been enjoying my books. I am working on it now and hope to get it sent to the publisher soon. The goal is to have it released sometime in February!!

  2. YAY!!! I can't wait!! You're ability to make these characters come to life and make them so relatable is a true gift from God!!! I look forward to reading more books from you!!! God Bless!!

    1. Hi Jennifer. I just wanted to let you know that A Rescued Love has officially been released :)