Friday, February 3, 2012

Lighting speed...

That is the time warp in my life. 

I am often asked when the subject of my novel comes up, "When do you find the time to write?"  It is a good question.  Especially since I'm a busy stay at home mom of three very active young children.  These very children who like to destroy anything they touch.  That believe all food belongs on the floor or on their clothing.   That all bins of toys need to be dumped...and then left.  That sleeping is overrated and that 6:00 in the morning is when their internal clock assumes it's time for the day to start.  A busy mom who's schedule is full of driving, washing anything and everything, kissing boo-boos, refereeing sibling spats, playing with baby dolls, having tea parties, making awesome (no humility here) train tracks, helping with homework, reading dinosaur books, making a meal - washing dishes - getting snacks - washing more dishes - making dinner - and...ugh...washing dishes, making tents, brushing teeth, changing diapers, and trying to juggle all that while being a super-mom, selfless wife, giving friend, caring sister and daughter and an example of Christ.   

Wait.  What was I talking about?  Oh yes, where do I find the time to write...

During all of that!!!  Seriously, it takes finesse and a mind that is moving all.the.time!!!  I have a pad of paper in my van so while I'm waiting to pick up a kid from somewhere, I can jot down my thoughts on paper in hopes that I can understand my chicken scratches later.  I am constantly thinking about my characters and how to develop them more.  What scenes would work where and how to get the story there.  I write while my kids are having rest time.  I write once they finally fall asleep at night.  Which for me, on many occassions, turn into sleepless nights because as a writer, when the juices flow, you just can't stop!  There are many times I am up past midnight typing away while the doom and gloom of 6 a.m. creaps closer and closer.  There are countless examples of times where I have been doing a task while thinking about my book, had to stop and go write down an idea so I wouldn't forget, and then carry on with that task.  It can be addictive. 

So some days I just have to shut down my mind, keep my computer off and live my busy - wonderful - beyond blessed - life to the fullest!!!

Let me know if you have any questions and I will answer them in future posts...

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  1. W.O.W....that's all I can say! :) But I can't wait to get my hands on your book!