Saturday, September 24, 2011


Why is there never enough of it during the day. 

It seems as if I've been MIA, but alas, that is further than the truth.  I have been so overwhelmingly busy.  Between being a full-time mom of three very active and ornery kids, I've been working non-stop in every second of my spare time to polish up my manuscript and write a synopsis to send out to agents and enter my first writing contest...well, actually the second, I entered a short story in a magazine once...but the first for a novel (pretty sure that was the longest sentence ever...that is why I have an editor).  I've been really struggling lately to find time to get everything done and it was starting to become more of a burden than a joy.  So my very supportive husband gave me the morning off today to work without any interruptions on my very long "to-do" list in my new found writing adventure.  I am happy to say, I have finished up what was needed to be done and the next time my wonderful editor opens up her e-mail, she will now find her "to-do" list full.  Ahhh, pretty sure tomorrow during my free time I am going to take a nap!!!!

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  1. Yeah, for a very supportive hubby giving you the time that you need!!!