Sunday, August 14, 2011

In the beginning...

Let's talk about how a blank page became a manuscript! 

Over two years ago my life was being raked over the coals and I constantly felt like I was digging myself out of a hole.  I had lost two babies from horrible miscarriages and my second son (2 years old at the time) had come into contact with a very rare and terrifying disease called Kawasaki Disease (on top of him struggling with sensory and sleeping issues since birth).  You can imagine my nightmare. I was overall stressed and needed a release. My wonderful and supportive husband suggested that I write a book and work towards fulfilling my dream.  So in the middle of my storm, I took anchor and poured myself into my new adventure.  It was so good to have an outlet, a place to escape. 
Half way through my book I knew I needed a good editor, I had the creative side, but my grammar side is lacking (as you can read).  However, I was leery because we were going through a very difficult financial time (because of the reasons above) and I knew paying an editor would add more of a financial burden.  However, the Lord had huge plans to bless me! A close family friend, Wes Herschberger gave me the name of Susan Begay as a person to contact to help with editing. She was his ghost writer for his book, When IT hits the fan. We talked and after our conversation she offered to edit my book for free.  I know!  It still brings tears to my eyes the kindness and sacrifice she gave to help me. 

I wish I could say everything unraveled perfectly from there...but alas, it did not.  Susan looked over my first few chapters and had to send it back to me without any edits...I wish I could say it was because it was flawless...however it was not to the point where it could be edited.  She broke the news kindly and sent me articles upon articles on how to write a novel.  The first week I had a little pity party for myself and quietly licked my wounds.  I had to ask myself, "Do you really want this dream?  Is this worth all the work and effort?"  My answer very quickly was, "Yes"! 

So for the next month I read everything I could on how to become a better writer, what made a book come to life and how to execute a romance novel.  Then with a renewed self confidence I set to work...changing everything!  The words exploded onto the pages, along with my excitement.  I was so nervous waiting for her reply on my new and revised book, and joyfully it came back a success.   Susan did such a great job, not only being a great cheerleader with my writing, but also in editing.  I would look forward to receiving back my chapters that she had edited to see her slight changes that brought a new flavor to my book. 

Then it happened.  I got pregnant again. (Thankfully we were blessed with a very healthy baby girl).  I knew life was going to get turned upside down with having three young children to take care of, so I set a goal to have my book done before the baby was born.  Insane, yes, but achievable.  I finished the novel just in time.  I received my finished manuscript from Susan in October of 2010.  At that point I was in no shape or mental capacity to take the next step into publishing. I was just pleased when I was able to fit in a shower and content to just sit down and read "Go Dogs Go" with my boys.  Last month I decided that it was time to start pursuing my dream again before I lost my passion, life would always be busy.  So that is were I am now.  Sitting in the cockpit, strapped in, ready to take off (my pilot husband is rubbing off on me).

So please join this crazy, tired, funny, busy mom on a writer's journey ...


  1. SO exciting! I can't wait to follow along on your journey!

  2. How in the world did I not know this?? Awesome Natalie!! Can't wait to read it!

  3. Way to go girl!!! Keep working at it. So excited for you and this journey :)

  4. I'm a little jealous that Greg is reading your book. I can't wait to read it myself! What a super mom! Love you :)

  5. Are you a member of ACFW (Association of Christian Fiction Writers)? There is a $65 annual fee, but it is a great place to network, meet editors, authors, and publishers. You can also get into monthly online "workshops" and editing groups.

  6. Ooh, how exciting! I will definitely follow you on this journey! I've already got you linked on the side of my blog so I can do that. And I will definitely buy a book WHEN you get it published! Many blessings to you on this journey! That's so awesome that you have your hubby's support!

  7. All I have to say is "squeal!!!!!!!!!!"

    You know that I am completely your number 1 fan :)

  8. You really ARE Super-Mom, aren't you?! I love you and I know I'll LOVE this book! Way to go, Mama!